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Cibachrome Photographic Media

Ultra high gloss images individually assessed and hand printed by skilled craftsmen on specialist media made by Ilford. Images have an almost metallic sheen and intense colour vibrancy that is quite unlike anything else available. This is the material of choice for exhibition quality prints, it just dosent get any better.

This media is also far more stable and fade resistant than standard machine prints. I have framed images that have hung on walls for 20+ years and show little of no signs of fade.

Its not easy to describe a visual thing and 'ultra high gloss' is a great advertising tag line, so don't believe me, ask to see a sample seeing is believing...

Tip - this is expensive media it deserves to be well framed, have these prints framed by a specialist.

Prints on Sheet Aluminum

A brand new technique that allows prints to be made direct ont to aluminum sheets which can then be hung directly without framing or further finishing.

Picture Frames and Sizes

Prints should always be protected behind glass. The glass protects the image from environmental pollutants, sticky fingers and fading from exposure to sunlight. If possible avoid hanging in direct sunlight.

A mount board will not only make your picture stand out more it holds the print away from the glass slightly. Prints mounted directly under the glass tend to stick to the glass and also suffer from optical distortions.

Frames need to be 4" to 6" bigger then the image to allow for a reasonable amount of mount to show. A picture in a too small frame will never look its best. Conversely, bigger then you thought you needed is rarley a problem.

If you mount your own print only attach to the top of the mount board. This allows the print to' hang' naturally and prevents rippling.

Ikea do a good selection of inexpensive frames.