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Frequently asked questions

How do I select images?
After your shoot I review all the images and delete any that are unacceptable from a technical point of view. The remaining ‘good’ images I upload to a web site where you can view and select. However these images will be low quality unedited ‘out of the camera’ files, perfectly suitable for web viewing and selection purposes but not the polished and edited pictures you will receive. The time saved by not editing images you choose not to purchase reduces costs.

What happens after I have ordered pictures?
When you have ordered prints I will crop, polish and carry out necessary editing to produce high quality images. The files I use are not the low resolution images posted on the web but the original, large, high resolution files direct from the camera. Sometimes refered to as RAW files, they are the digital equivelent of a negative.

These edited images are then printed on real photographic paper by a professional photo lab, I do not supply inkjet prints. Your photographs are usually available 2 to 3 weeks after order.

How do I pay for my pictures?
I take a 50% deposit when you order with the balance payable on delivery.

Why does it take so long?
Once you have selected images and placed an order I carry out all the necessary post production editing of your images and prepare them for printing, this takes time. I use a professional photo lab for printing but I don’t use fast turnaround services, again this keeps the costs down.

Why are all your prints the same price?
I want you to have the print size you really want and a print that will fit your environment properly, I don’t want you distracted by the cost. I do however suggest you consider carefully where the print will go, how you will display it and what size is most appropriate. Bigger isn't always better.

However should you place an order for three or more copies of the same print I can sometimes offer discounts, please ask.

Are you able to supply mono (black and white) prints?
Yes. I always capture images in full colour, however any image can be converted to monochrome with no loss of quality. Costs are the same as for colour.

Do you offer other packages?
I have a range of other services available including prints on canvas, hand printed ultra high gloss (Cibachrome) images, mouse mats, coasters, photo books and specialist framing. Shortly I will be offering prints on aluminum sheet. However all these services are very dependent on your exact requirements, volumes and size. They are specialist services and you will probably want to see samples of what can be achieved and discuss your requirements.

Can you shoot me my own home?
Unfortunately no. By working exclusively from the studio travel, set up and pack up time is reduced to a minimum, this also keep costs down. The studio environment also ensures I retain full control over the whole photographic environment.

Will you shoot my wedding?
Unfortunately no I don’t offer this service at the moment. However I will shoot before and after wedding portraits. Why not ask about some more creative shots of ‘The Dress’?